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It Must Be Autumn

One autumn Monday, Michelle Wang couldn’t find a book to read aloud to her Grade One class, so she wrote one! It Must Be Autumn is the first book in her Seasons series. Look for: It Must Be Winter coming out Fall 2021 , It Must Be Spring to be released in the winter, and It Must Be blahblah in the blahblah (just checking if y’all were paying attention...)

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Michelle Wang lives in Toronto, Canada and summers in the Kawartha’s cottage country with her husband, four children and a couple of jokester squirrels outside her kitchen window. When not cheering on her favourite hometown sports teams or playing random songs every time she walks by a piano, Michelle can be found reading a book to avoid cleaning her very messy house. Michelle and her family are excellent leaf pile jumpers.

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And Now a Few Words from our readers:


‘Such a fun and engaging book, about the arrival of autumn! My 4 year old absolutely loved the vivid illustrations, and followed along the story with great fun and anticipation. Just the right combination of novelty and repetition to keep her attention and to allow her to participate in ‘reading’ out loud together. Squirrelly jokes were a bonus . A must read for the fall!’

-Claudia Lim


Michelle Wang and Uliana Barabash have created a beautiful book that I want to read over and over and over. Joking squirrels, a sweet family, beautiful engaging illustration, rich language, and a happy simple story that sings from the pages into your heart. I love this book!

-Dot Kane, Professional Storyteller

patricia-l.jpgMore than just an adorable story, with beautiful illustrations....
This book is filled with factual information about the signs of autumn, predictable and repetitive text perfect for the young reader, corny "dad humour" told by nutty squirrels, and of course suspense! What will they do with the ever growing pile of leaves? I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fully loaded storybook and look forward to sharing it with young enthusiastic readers/learners in the classroom and my family!! As a mom, pediatric nurse and elementary school teacher I have read my share of picture books over the years and I can tell you this one is a gem! I highly recommend it to parents, caregivers, teachers..... and kids of all ages!! Can't wait to see what Michelle Wang has in store for the other three seasons!

-Patricia L


I would highly recommend this to all early learners. Well thought out. I wish this was available 15-20 years ago in my early parenthood days. Eye-catching illustrations with a simple, exciting story for growing minds. Fun to read. I love the squirrels. I had to pass along this to my daughter, who's an ECE, and she loved it. I can't wait for the next one.....

-Wasantha Abeywardena


It Must Be Autumn is like a bright and sunny day. Michelle Wang’s story about a family’s excitement for the simple joys of autumn draws you in immediately, transporting you to a world of colourful leaves, cooler temperatures and comfortable sweaters, while the soft and warm illustrations by Uliana Barabash hold you there. The rhymes, rhythms and repetition of the story make this an easy and enjoyable read, and the subtle changes to each family member’s narrative gives young readers something fun and new to enjoy on each page.

Best served with warm apple pie, after a day of raking (and jumping into) a big pile of leaves.

-Olivia Yu, Mom and Step-Mom


A glorious maple tree, bright-eyed bushy tailed critters, and a cheery family to meet in this whimsically illustrated children’s book! Seen through their eyes and their window, readers learn the many signs of nature which announce the arrival of fall. The high-spirited family will have you chanting along as they celebrate this colourful time of year. Michelle Wang wonderfully captures the simple joys that the change of seasons bring, and in this age of screens and technology, it is such a sweet reminder. This book will make you wistful for autumn and making leaf piles with your own family.

-Franc Cheung, mother of 3 boys


"It must be autumn" is a delightful romp for young children that is a fun little story and sneaks in some learning points along the way.  The happy characters bounce rhythmically through a series of the assorted signs of autumn, and even cover the days of the week as they go.  I sure hope Michelle Wang follows this one up with "It must be winter" ... and so on!

-Erin Webber


This book is magical. I had my first read through on my own and the kids quickly joined in! It is catchy, fun as well as a wonderful way to teach kids about Autumn! Can’t wait for the other books in the series. This will be a new bed time favourite!!!!

-Marija Moeller


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